Matthew Allan

Senior Consultant

Matt Allan joined the Rawtec team in 2016. With over seven years’ professional services experience, Matt has a background in organisational psychology and is passionate about finding ways to better manage resources from a finance, environment and human behaviour perspective. Through his role at Rawtec, Matt aims to help government and private enterprise implement strategies that lead to positive changes in waste and resource management. Matt has worked on projects for local and interstate businesses and government agencies, including waste and resource recovery plans and strategies, tender documentation for the procurement of waste services, kerbside waste and recycling audits and waste and recycling behaviour change campaigns.

In his previous consulting and researcher roles he worked on projects outside of the waste industry, which included assisting sports and community centres to operate in a financially sustainable manner, developing strategic plans for volunteer organisations, conducting staff surveys, running training sessions on team development and influencing skills, researching fatigue, health and wellbeing in the workplace and coordinating 360-degree feedback programs.