Our Approach

Rawtec has the following approach to the work we undertake:

Rawtec’s skills, knowledge and personal approach to consultancy have helped advance them to become an invaluable asset to their ever-expanding client base.

Client Focused
Rawtec is often commissioned for its practical and operational understanding of industry, ability to provide detailed, technical, cost-effective and strategic high-level advice, and for their ability to develop esteemed professional working relationships.

Economically Minded
The advice provided by Rawtec is commercially focused, considers financial and economic costs which includes detailed consideration of waste and recycling strategies.

In-depth Knowledge
The staff at Rawtec have extensive senior expertise in environmental and sustainability disciplines. Through their experience, working relationships, and research, they are consistently abreast of the waste & recycling industry, ensuring that all advice provided is relevant, up-to-date, and considers possible future implications.